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From affordable prices and specialized massages, you can benefit from the incredible value we offer. Consider our meridian membership program a health investment.

Meridian Memberships

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Meridian Membership Benefits

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Meridian Membership Program

Discount On Additional Services

When you join our soothing Meridian Membership program, you can benefit from significant discounts on all massage therapy services. Enjoy up to 50 % OFF on every massage service every month with no limitation from fine print contracts.

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Rollover Massage Sessions

If you miss your monthly massage don’t worry. Each free massage from your membership program will rollover to the next month with no issues at all. We want to make sure you benefit from all your rewards. We get it; you have a busy schedule.

Share Sessions with Friends & Family

Invite loved ones to use your free monthly massage so they can experience the relaxation and rejuvenation from our massage choices. We will sign in each guest in place of your visit for no extra fee at all. Last minute birthday gifts for friends just got even better.

FREE Monthly Massages

As part of our rewards membership program, Meridian members will receive any choice of a free 60-minute massage therapy session every month. Depending on which membership you choose, enjoy up to 4 free massages a month.

50% off on Meridian Membership Program

Earn FREE Services with Referrals

All Meridian members can take advantage of a variety of free services and discounts upon receiving a successful referral. Depending on how many referrals per month, benefit from free enhancements to even a whole month of your membership program paid off. Join our family of happy healers and start telling your friends and family about us today!

FREE Monthly Enhancements

There is no catch or hidden fees; we just thought more is better. Take advantage of a free monthly enhancement of your choice and personalize your massage therapy experience. We think you should have complete control of what you want, not the other way around.

Miami Meridian Membership

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About Miami Meridian Membership

For those looking for a massage membership in North Miami Beach, Miami Meridian Membership™ is designed to provide every Miami Meridian Massage™ guest with an opportunity to improve their health and wellness through therapeutic massage therapy and medical massage therapy.

Why is the Miami Meridian Membership™ different than other memberships?


The Miami Meridian Membership™ is a month-to-month membership that grants each client “one,” or up to “four,” FREE massage session(s) of your choice and one FREE enhancement of your choice per month. It also provides guests as many additional sessions as desired at the discounted member rate. The payment method is handled through auto debit once per month. There is no long-term contract, and members can opt-out at any time with a 30-day notice.


Unlike other massage memberships, there is little risk with the Miami Meridian Membership™. If you skip a month, the massage session(s) rolls over to the next month at no extra charge. Additionally, the Miami Meridian Membership™ may also be shared with a designated Associate Member (family member, significant other, etc.).


The Miami Meridian Membership™ also sets itself apart by following Miami Meridian Way®. From the moment you book your massage all the way through your massage experience, Miami Meridian Way® means you receive personalized service to ensure the best possible therapeutic experience and health benefits at every session. Clients in the Meridian Membership Program™ receive customized, relaxing, stress-relieving, and holistic therapy at a value. And the Miami Meridian Promise™ also assure that members’ expectations are met every visit, guaranteed.


Members of the Miami Meridian Membership Program™ will receive these “monthly” member-only benefits:


  • $85 Savings** every month.
  • $60 Savings** on every 60-minute massage.
  • $30 Savings** on every 30-minute massage.
  • 10% OFF the first month of ANY Meridian Membership™.
  • Extra Gift Enhancement of your choice on your first month. (Total Of 2 FREE enhancements on your first-month enrollment)
  • Customizable Gift Cards. (Set to any value amount)
  • 50% price reduction on ALL massage services.
  • Membership-only specials including discount codes and more! (Sent conveniently via email and Text SMS)
  • Exclusive Membership-only points system gained from referrals. (Win FREE Enhancements, Massages, and More!)
  • Ability to host your own private events with friends and family!
  • All unused massage sessions roll-over.
  • 1 FREE 60-minute massage of your choice – $140 Value. (Up to 4 FREE Massages every month depending on selected Meridian Membership Plan.)
  • 1 FREE Enhancement of your choice – $20 Value. (Available at any level Membership)
  • No obligation — All this and no long-term contract!

We know once you experience The Miami Meridian Way®, you won’t want to leave. Allow us to provide therapeutic relief through customized massage therapy you can trust.

The Meridian Membership Program™ is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take advantage of professional massage therapy and improve your wellness today!


Anyone is eligible, find out more today!

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