Types of Massage


Since providing impeccable services for all our Miami guests is our focus, we pride ourselves in giving the most amount of value back in every visit. We have found that by enhancing your experience through fully customizable massage therapy, is a great way to give back to our community of happy healers. Within your visit, we help you determine which approach is best for your needs, ensuring you are maximizing your benefits.

Professional Massage Therapy

There is no wrong choice but be warned they all feel amazing.

Types of Massage

Deep tissue

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Our deep tissue massage will help promote a deep sense of relaxation, release stress, and eliminate tension. The application of preferred pressure and soft tissue manipulation can relieve the knots and limitations placed on your body.

Our professional massage therapists will work deep into the connective layers of tissue, including the tendons and fascia, to address problematic function.

Deep tissue massage is most beneficial for stress relief, improved mood, and the promotion of physical relaxation. Improve your function, flexibility, and your day to day happiness with deep tissue massage therapy.

variety of MASSAGE


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We provide the popular therapeutic practice of reflexology. If you are suffering from aching feet, ankle injuries, or everyday stress on your limbs, then reflexology is what we recommend.

Reflexology, most commonly understood as a foot massage, is a combination of sports massage and Swedish massage therapy techniques. If you suffer from chronic foot pain and difficulty staying on your feet, our reflexologist will apply special focus on calf muscles, upper legs, and feet.

Reflexology is the much-needed pampering to alleviate pain and stressed out feet.


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Are you suffering from tension? Are you overwhelmed by the stress and constraints at work? Then you need to experience the incredibly relaxing and supportive benefits of a full-body Swedish massage.

Swedish massages are the most popular type of relaxation massage therapy. It encourages tension relief by using extended strokes and kneading motions.

Our varieties of Swedish massage techniques are customized to meet the individual needs of our guests. Benefits of Swedish massage therapy include the release of muscle toxins, boosting immune health, decreasing stress, and gaining a sense of rejuvenation.

Trigger Point

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Trigger Point Therapy is ideal for those who have suffered a past injury or sustained a new injury. As creditable massage experts in the industry, we provide safe and complete Trigger Point Therapy.

This form of massage helps alleviate pain by focusing on specific areas of the body constricted by injury. Owing to the nature of an injury, this type of massage must only be performed by highly experienced and specialized massage therapists.

That is why we invest in only the best-skilled professionals to provide Trigger Point Therapy to those in need of immediate pain relief.

Specialty Services

From the art of Meridian Therapy to the intimacy of a couple’s massage, we offer specialty therapy sessions to help you reach your ultimate health and wellness goals. Our therapeutic applications are delivered professionally, safely, and comfortably. We adopt a personalized approach to your care to reward you with an experience like no other.

Couples Massage

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Create romantic connections or experience relaxation at its finest with a wonderful couples massage. Our stress relieving techniques facilitate a mind and body connection for positive lasting results. Feel refreshed, rejuvenated and restored with a partner or friend right by your side.

Create incredible, memorable experiences with your significant other, girls spa getaway, or bond with a loved one. We ensure a relaxing and soothing environment just for you.

Our couple’s massages are only available for booking through our free phone consultation. Call us now to experience the fulfillment and excitement of a couples massage today.

Sports massage

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A good workout is a great way to keep healthy, but training can also leave your body physically stressed. Muscle spasms, aching joints, and tension are indications that you need a professional sports massage.

At Miami Meridian Massage, we provide custom massages for athletes and individuals who train regularly, requiring relief from minor aches and physical stress.

With sports massage therapy, our guests can experience faster recovery from soft tissue injuries, significant improvements in flexible muscle function, and restful sleep. By encouraging range of motion and releasing tension, you will improve your performance capabilities at every lift.



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Experience the infusion of healing essential oils in a beautifully soothing and fragrant environment. We believe in the power of natural healing; therefore, we offer our guests the support only aromatherapy can provide.

Aromatherapy involves the application of essential oils along with the inhalation of these healing fragrances in its pure natural form. To offer a more profound sense of relaxation, we fuse deep massage techniques with the aromas of essential oils to invigorate your senses.

 From lavender and ginger to eucalyptus and peppermint, we integrate essential oils with natural healing and balancing benefits to enhance your massage therapy experience.


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Meridian massage therapy is also commonly known as the Tui Na and remains one of our most in-demand specialty massages. Meridian massage involves the manipulation of the soft tissues, including the upper or superficial layers closest to the skin and the deeper soft tissue.

A Meridian therapist will knead, push, and gently stretch to promote a relaxed state. Based on the notion, there are 12 meridians in the body; a professional therapist will tailor their efforts to ensure all problem areas or particular bodily function, benefits from the relaxation of advance Meridian Therapy.

Meridian massage therapy is most useful to strengthen the immune system, to improve circulation, improve posture, lower blood pressure, and promote muscle relaxation.

Shiatsu Massage


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Shiatsu massage is a Japanese technique focusing on total body relaxation and relief from tension. It differs from the ancient Chinese practice of Meridian therapy solely on the methods used during the therapeutic session.

Shiatsu assists in both physical and emotional constraints as it improves digestion. Supports muscle health and encourages healthy functioning of the nervous system.

The application of pressure delivered in Shiatsu aims to correct the internal alignment of energies. From stress relief to managing pain, Shiatsu massage therapy is an excellent complimentary remedy for better health.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone

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A hot stone massage is an ancient Chinese practice in which smooth stones are heated and placed along the spine, back, and target problematic zones of the body. We deliver a comfortable temperature in every hot stone application to promote healing, relaxation, stress, and to eliminate tension.

Therapy includes heating the Basalt stones and then running each stone all along your body to loosen the muscles and encourage natural circulation. The temperature-controlled stones have also shown favorable results for those suffering from ongoing pain and the impact of physical stress.

Unwind and reach new heights with a scheduled application of hot stone massage therapy.


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